New Interest: Mandolin

When listening to the music of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys I've always been struck by the solos of the electric mandolin player Tiny Moore. I few months ago I picked up an Eastwood electric mandolin and while learning the new instrument decided to make a project of transcribing some Tiny Moore solos. 

Because I think these solos are really great and not that well known I decided to make a video of me playing the solos and post the transcriptions here. I hope some other people find this stuff interesting too!

New Duet Video

One of my projects for this year is to write a series of duets for two guitars. So far I'm done with my second one and thought I would share it here. This one is written in 5/8 and is inspired by the idea of layering two guitars two create voicings that could never be played on one guitar. It starts off with a bunch of voicings stacked in 2nds and goes on to other voicing structures from there. Below is the video:

Playing Wise River at home

I vowed to start making some videos at home and here is my first try. This is a performance of my piece "Wise River" which was recorded on my first album "The Big Eyes." I had just gotten this guitar set up by Matt Brewster at 30th Street guitars and was excited to explore this piece on this guitar (which is a Hahn t-style 228). 


Hi- This will be a part of my site where I will post about news, upcoming releases, videos and really whatever else comes up. This is a new forum for me, so it will be fun to see what happens. Thanks for visiting.