As a leader:

Nate Radley, Morphoses, Fresh Sound/New Talent, 2015.

Nate Radley- electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lap steel

Loren Stillman- alto and tenor saxophone

Matt Pavolka- acoustic bass

Ted Poor- drums

Recorded at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn NY

Links: iTunes, Amazon


Nate Radley, Carillon, Steeplechase, 2013.

Nate Radley- electric guitar

Chris Cheek- tenor saxophone

Matt Clohesy- bass

Ted Poor- drums

Recorded at Tedesco Studios, Paramus NJ

Links: iTunes, Amazon


Nate Radley, The Big Eyes, Fresh/Sound New Talent, 2012.

Nate Radley- electric guitar

Loren Stillman- alto saxophone

Pete Rende- Fender rhodes

Matt Pavolka- bass

Ted Poor- drums

Recorded at Exile Studios Queens, NY

Links: iTunes, Amazon



As a sideman:

Kris Davis Infrasound, Save Your Breath, Clean Feed 2015

David Smith Quintet, Impetus, 2015.

Rich Perry, Nocturne, Steeplechase, 2014. 

Loren Stillman, Going Public, Fresh Sound/New Talent, 2014. 

Matt Holman, When Flooded, BJU Records, 2013.

Akiko Pavolka, Mahoroba, Fresh/Sound New Talent, 2012. 

Alan Ferber Nonet, Chamber Songs, Sunnyside. 2010.

Marc Mommaas, Landmarc, Sunnyside, 2010. 

Andrew Rathbun, Idea of North, Steeplechase, 2010.

David Smith Quintet, Anticipation, BJU Records, 2010. 

Thomson Kneeland, Mazurka for a Modern Man, Weltschmerz Records, 2010. 

Loren Stillman, Winter Fruits, Pirouet, 2009. 

Andrew Rathbun, Where We Are Now, Steeplechase, 2009.

Jon Gordon, Evolution, Artistshare, 2009.

Brian Woodruff, The Tarrier, Crows Kin Records, 2009. 

Akiko Pavolka and House of Illusion, Trust Aqua, Tone of a Pitch, 2008.

Eric Rasmussen, School of Tristano Vol. 3, Steeplechase, 2008

Sam Sadigursky, The Words Project Vol. 2, New Amsterdam Records, 2008. 

Bad Touch, Like A Magic Kiss, Bad Touch Music, 2008

Eric Rasmussen, School of Tristano Vol. 2, Steeplechase, 2008

Eric Rasmussen, School of Tristano, Steeplechase, 2007

Sam Sadigursky, The Words Project, New Amsterdam Records, 2007

Sara Holtzshue, Beneath, 2007. 

David Smith, Circumstance, Fresh Sound/New Talent, 2006

Gian Tornatore, Blackout, Fresh Sound/New Talent, 2005

Matthias Lupri, Metalix, Summit Records, 2006

Jacob Varmus, All the Things We Still Can Be, Varmus, 2006

Denominators, Red Balloon, Denominators, 2005

Matthias Lupri, Transition Sonic, Summit Records, 2004

Kakalla, The Seeds of Analog Rebellion, Weltschmerz Records, 2004

Rick DiMuzio, First Offerings, DiMuzio, 2004

Kakalla, The Voice of Twilight, Weltschmerz Records, 2003

Sonic Explorers, So Far, So Near, Nada Brahma Records, 2002

Cover by Bryan Murray

Cover by Bryan Murray

Cover by Mariano Gil

Cover by Mariano Gil